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Dr. WEI Gehong
Dr. WEI Gehong

Title: Deputy Chief Physician , Ophthalmologist

Department: Ophtalmology

Language: Chinese

Clinical Working Years: over 20 years

Expertise: Various eye diseases, including blepharoplasty, lacrimal disease, glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment.


Dr. WEI worked on ophthalmological research for more than 20 years and studied advanced technology in prestigious ophthalmological hospitals. She is skilled at diagnosis and treatment of strabismus, amblyopia, anisometropic amblyopia, ametropic amblyopia, deprivation amblyopia. She is one of the pioneer for developing new technology for minimally invasive treatment of strabismus and amblyopia. She has successfully treated many serious eye disease with surgeries; hence considered as "eye magician" due to her advances surgical techniques.